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About Yerba Buena Dentistry

Yerba Buena Dentistry is one of the most highly rated dentists in the San Francisco area. If you’re searching for a dentist in 94111, then we can help you out. Dentistry is something that we absolutely love. It makes us happy to see patients leaving our practice with confident smiles on their faces. We live by the mantra that prevention is better than cure. So, we provide preventative care for all of our patients, stopping you from developing cavities, gum disease, or other problematic dental issues. 

At the same time, we appreciate that some of you may already have underlying oral health problems. Thankfully, as a leading dentist in 94111, we offer loads of restorative treatments as well. We can help rectify the situation and leave you with a healthier mouth! 

Furthermore, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry for anyone that wants to improve their smile. We can help straighten your teeth with Invisalign trays, craft gorgeous veneers, or provide teeth whitening services. So, if you’re self-conscious about your teeth and hate smiling, then we offer various solutions to counter this. 

You’ll always be made comfortable at our practice, and the team at Yerba Buena Dentistry is always keen to answer your questions and help you in any way possible. 

About San Francisco, California (94111 Zipcode Area)

Our practice is located on Washington Street in the 94111 area of San Francisco. This is a beautiful area of California located on the North East side of the city. We’re right near the financial district, meaning there are plenty of offices and businesses nearby. If you work in and around this area, then our location is perfect for lunchtime appointments or treatments straight after work. 

The 94111 zip code area of San Francisco is a beautiful place to stay and live. It’s right next to the iconic Oakland Bay Bridge, and just a short drive away from the scenic Yerba Buena Island. You’ll find this area nestled between both North and South Beach, and it’s right next to the coast. As such, you have gorgeous views and plenty of fantastic things to do along the shoreline. There’s no shortage of outstanding restaurants and shops nearby, and you have a few green areas dotted around as well. 

It’s a busy and bustling area that’s always full of activity. Even so, there’s still an air of friendliness to this thriving community. The locals know each other and get along very well, and everyone seems to have a smile on their face. Part of this is probably down to the stunning weather that blesses the 94111 region almost all-year-round! It’s a typical urban area with excellent transport links and a decent population of around 3,400. The good thing is that this population is declining as people look to move to more centrally-located areas of San Francisco. This means the 94111 area is still busy, but it’s not overcrowded. There’s a bustling arts & culture scene too, and the people here are very diverse. 

If you’re moving to San Francisco and are looking for a dentist in 94111, then please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us about registering as a patient.