Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards yerba buena dentistry Dentist in San Francisco, CA Why Should You Wear an Athletic Mouth Guard?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends athletic mouth guards for a good reason: you only get one set of teeth. Keeping them in great shape is crucial. Your teeth are especially vulnerable to injury while playing sports. Your teeth can break, crack, even come out. An athletic mouth guard provides an easy way to protect your teeth. It transfers the forces away from the vulnerable parts of your teeth and mouth. Plus, they are designed to fit comfortably and are easy to clean. 


What Are the Best Athletic Mouth Guards?

The best athletic mouth guard provides high-impact energy absorption. It’s custom-fit to properly cover and protect your teeth and designed with a strong material covering all your teeth. In addition to protecting your teeth, it’s comfortable. It allows you to rest your teeth on it, relaxing your muscles and jaw joints. 


There Are Three Basic Mouth Guard Types

Custom Mouth Guard

The best mouth guard is a custom-fit mouth guard. We recommend it because it can provide the best fit, comfort, and safety. It may be more expensive than alternatives that may not adequately protect your teeth. Still, in the long run, a good mouth guard may be more cost-effective and convenient than going with a generic mouth guard that does not work correctly, and you constantly have to replace it. 

Mouth-Formed Guard

A mouth-formed guard is not as effective as a custom-fit athletic mouth guard but may be cheaper. You can fit it to your teeth by placing it in hot water, allowing it to cool, then biting down on it. You can find a mouth-formed guard at most sports and convenience stores. They are generally more effective and safer than a stock mouth guard.

Stock Mouth Guard

A stock mouth guard may be the cheapest of the three options, but it’s also typically the least effective. It can come in different sizes but may not adequately protect your teeth. It may also be uncomfortable. You can buy a stock mouth guard at many retail and sports stores. Even though it’s not our recommended choice, it’s better than not wearing an athletic mouth guard.


When Should You Wear a Mouth Guard?

When playing sports, an athletic mouth guard is a “no-brainer.” It’s a simple, easy way to protect your teeth. We recommend mouth guards for most, if not all, sports, including “non-contact” sports.


Can I use Athletic Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding?

It would be best if you did not use an athletic mouth guard for teeth grinding. Bruxism or grinding your teeth at night is a condition that should be addressed through specialized dental treatment. An athletic mouth guard is not designed to protect your teeth during grinding. And, it may also be unsafe to wear an athletic mouth guard at night, as it may come loose in your mouth. Always consult a dentist on the intended, proper way to use any dental device. 


Let us Design the Right Mouth Guard for You

You may already have a mouth guard and may be wondering if it provides adequate protection. Feel free to bring it in, and we’ll give an evaluation of its safety and effectiveness. If not, let our dentists at Yerba Buena Dentistry custom-design a mouth guard for you. Our goal is your comfort and safety. We use materials that are soft, comfortable, and strong. The process is simple. We’ll take impressions of your teeth and work with the mouth guard manufacturer to design you the perfect athletic mouth guard.  


Don’t wait. Set up an appointment with the highly trained experts in the field: Dr. Jiahua Zhu or Dr. Amrit K. Sethi. Call today! We’ll help you make sure your teeth are safe and that the fun and games don’t end.