About Yerba Buena Dentistry 

Yerba Buena Dentistry has served a variety of California for over a decade and is proud to establish itself as a quality dentist near Daly City. 

Our practice offers a wide range of services from Restorative to Cosmetic Dentistry needs. We also provide Preventative Care to ensure the best oral health for our patients from around Daly City. 

Treatments at Yerba Buena Dentistry include exams, cleaning, extractions, as well as filling, implants, and even emergency dentistry. These give our patients the confidence they can rely on our service to provide the very best dental care in San Francisco. 

If you’re looking for Cosmetic Dentistry, our expert team, including Jiahua Zhu, DDS, is happy to offer advice and guidance to bring your smile back to its best. Our Cosmetic Dentistry services include Dental Bonding, Veneers, and Braces. We also offer an Invisalign service to provide an alternative but effective option for all of your dental care needs. 

We are open Monday and Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, Wednesdays from 9 AM to 6 PM, and the second Saturday of every month between 9 AM and 6 PM, so if you are looking for a dentist near Daly City, Yerba Buena Dentistry is the place for you. Get in touch with our office today at (415) 872-9020 to book a consultation and find out more about what we offer. 

What makes Daly City special? 

Based in San Mateo County, and an eleven-minute drive from San Francisco International Airport down the I-280, Daly City is the most popular city in the region and is the birthplace of the likes of John Madden (yes, that John Madden) as well as Hollywood and Academy Award-winning actor Sam Rockwell, of Moon and  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri fame. 

Daly City offers a little for everybody, but it’s the natural sights that bring people from all over the United States (and even further) to check out the wondrous scenery Daly City has to offer. 

From Mussel Rock Park to Thornton Beach State Park, you can enjoy the fresh ocean air and even dip your toes in the water for some much-needed refreshment. You can be up-close and personal to waterfalls if you’re looking for the perfect photo op of something naturally majestic, while the Mar Vista Stables give you a feeling of the Wild, Wild West and is a superb solution for a great day out away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Suppose you prefer to be spoiled for choice, though. While Daly City is renowned for its natural attractions, it also boasts its fair share of city delights. 

As we said, Daly City really does have something for everybody. Many visitors will happily stroll the cavity streets looking to stumble upon the city’s hidden secrets, and when the sun starts setting, there’s always fun to be had. Whether Battle Axe Throwing for birthday parties or after-work shenanigans or getting around town in luxury transport, there is an experience for all tastes. 

And it would be foolish to forget about the hospitality options. In Daly City, it feels as if there’s an exciting plate around every corner. With worldwide tastes at the tip of your tongue, you may not be able to decide what you want to eat next. 

Daly City is more than just a place to find high-quality dentistry, and both visitors and residents alike are always sure to find something new.